Marijuana’s Effects on Driving


In some doses, marijuana may affect psycho-motor performance, which later can impair driving ability of a person. In actual studies, marijuana gives no car-handling impairment as compared with moderate doses of alcohol and some medications (legal). Compared to alcohol that tends to increase risky driving actions, marijuana tends to make you more cautious in driving.

Surveys of accidents with drivers and others injured showed that when THC is found in the blood so is alcohol. For some situation, marijuana may play a bad role in driving, yet the overall highway accidents rate appears not to be affected by marijuana’s use in society.

For individuals frequently taking medical marijuana appear to develop some tolerance towards marijuana’s impairing effects. In addition, impairing effects of medical marijuana vary between users, no such safe amount of medical marijuana use or intoxication level has been really established.

Now that medical marijuana is legally regulated, public education in using medical marijuana safely is provided. Now, a lot of available evidence and circumstances indicates that medical marijuana laws in fact may decrease a lot of traffic fatalities.

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